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Selected Press Reviews & ' Making of..' films


Lost in London


The Guardian
Time Out
The Independent



Emmy Magazine, June 12, 2017: 'Making Morocco into Mars'

Making of Mars: National Geographic..
National Geographic 'Building the sets'
Set Design: National Geographic..
Daily Mail
index.hu (Hungarian)
How we will get to Mars: Wired..
Creative Planet Network
December 5 Issue: TV Guide: Meet the Crew.. Sophie Becher, Production Designer, Mars'

November Issue: Channel Guide:  Ron Howard Takes us to “Mars”

Nov 28: Screener:  The actual plan for how humans would colonize ‘Mars’ is revealed & it’s quite terrifying

Nov 16: New Yorker: To Mars, Not a Moment Too Soon

Nov 16: PBS Newshour (online):  National Geographic makes hazardous journey to ‘MARS’ in new miniseries

Nov 15: Screener TV:  ‘Mars’: The 4 most mind-blowing facts from Nat Geo’s revolutionary series

Nov 14: NBC News.com‘MARS’ Docudrama by Mexican Director Everardo Gout Premieres Tonight

Nov 14: Cablefax: Lift Off to Mars: Q&A With Nat Geo’s Tim Pastore

Nov 14: Forbes: National Geographic's 'Mars' Is A Lot More Than A TV Show





Making of Fleming.. (video)


And Then There Were None


Making of And then there were None.. (video)
The Chromologist
Huffington Post
David Neat




Hollywood Reporter
Sony Classics




Hollywood Reporter
Financial Times


Secret of Moonacre


The Secret of Moonacre - An Inside Look (video)


Twelfth Night


Radio Times